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Deciduous and Evergreen Varieties

Azalea ‘Siskin’

No plant has influenced the direction of Nelson Nursery for over fifty-five years like the azalea. My parents, Bill and Nadine Nelson, traveled far and wide exploring, searching for, studying gardens and new plant selections. One early trip, they drug their middle son on an excursion to the famous Van Landingham Estate in the Plaza section of Charlotte, NC.

Ralph Van Landingham was a collector, hobbyist grower, and infectious enthusiast of the queen of flowering shrubs, the azalea. On this springtime Sunday afternoon, I spied a yellow azalea. Could this really be true? I had never seen such a thing- an azalea with yellow flowers.

In the years since, we have grown numerous varieties and have served as a trial garden for new introductions for North Carolina State University. We continue the selection process, emphasizing varieties that are tolerant of our southern conditions. Most deciduous azaleas are selected on flower color alone. We have chosen proven varieties that combine flower color, exquisite form, and heat tolerance. We offer to you the following varieties:

Deciduous Azaleas

Azalea ‘Camilla’s Blush’

This soft pink flowered azalea is one of my all time favorites. It has performed well in the nursery and …

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Azalea ‘My Mary’

Deciduous ‘My Mary’ Azalea Whenever a breeder names a plant for his wife or daughter, you know it is the …

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Azalea ‘Siskin’

Azalea ‘Siskin’

This Knaphill hybrid azalea has large yellow flowers with a darker blotch in the throat. ‘Siskin’ is very fragrant and …

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Evergreen Azaleas

*Available after Labor Day

  • Azalea ‘Sunglow’
  • Azalea ‘Hardy Gardenia’
  • Azalea ‘Wolfpack Red’
  • Azalea ‘Bloom-A-Thon Pink’
  • Azalea ‘Pink Ruffles’

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