Landscape Design & Installation

Nelson Nursery Landscape Design and Installation Services

Nelson Nursery Landscape Design and Installation Services

Nelson Nursery has over 56 continuous years of experience with many different soil types, varieties of plants, trees and shrubs, garden preparation and landscape design and implementation.

Our geographic area places us in a unique and unmatched position among landscape professionals. We have probably experienced and solved all potential pitfalls and know what stumbling blocks are along the way. By growing and finishing the plants that we use in our landscapes, we have the unique ability to provide plants that are properly acclimated to our geographic region.

Locally grown and properly acclimated plants yield far superior results over plants that are grown several hundred or even several thousands of miles away from their chosen landscape site.

“One of the vital aspects of landscape design and installation is our attention to detail.”

At Nelson Nursery, we possess a keen eye for our attention to detail that may be somewhat fanatical to obsessive in our landscape projects. This starts with a skillfully executed design and continues through extensive site preparation and installation.

We draw upon our years of knowledge, experience, and successes with no shortcuts. Our landscape garden clients will find that we are specialist who insist upon taking the time to do it right. We also offer to properly maintain these landscapes which we have designed and installed for our clients and help them to care for them, so that their gardens continue to give them many years of beauty and enjoyment.

I often say that landscaping is like painting, in that it is not the final brush strokes that determine a beautiful job, it is the attention to details, the scraping, sanding, filing, caulking and priming, that all take place before the color is applied. If you skip these important steps, you will not have the spectacular finish that you expected. This is how Nelson Nursery can help make all your landscape design and installation dreams come true.

Nelson Nursery, Premium Quality Plants for Landscape Excellence.

Premium Quality Plants for Landscape Excellence
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