Garden Preparation & Consultation

Landscape Garden Preparation Services, Consultation and Container Creation by Nelson Nursery

Landscape Garden Preparation Services, Consultation and Container Creation by Nelson Nursery

In order to be successful, Nelson Nursery carefully evaluates existing conditions at the site. This includes soil type, drainage, topography, orientation of existing trees and shrubs, turf and mulched areas, and impervious structures such as roadways, driveways, and walkways.

All of these listed are part of the equation to insure a good design before the first spade of soil is turned or the first plant installed. In our region of NC, we can have many different types of soil in close proximity to one another. In our area, the most prevalant is a Cecile clay, called red clay by locals. While red clay is often the subject of disparaging remarks by those who are not familiar with it, red clay actually has several excellent qualities. Proper pH adjustment, fertilization, and the careful use of soil amendments can yield a soil type that has wonderful properties and can help insure successful gardening. Our years of experience with our native soil types and the knowledge is used whenever we install a landscape garden or project for you.

Consultation Service:

Nelson Nurseries design specialists are available for the do-it-yourselfer to assist them with their landscape projects. At the appointed time, we meet with the client at their project site and generally can complete the consultation and design phase in a few hours.

The client pays a reasonable hourly fee for this service. We then deliver the plants from our nursery to the clients’ site and can place them exactly where they need to go in the ground. The do-it-yourselfer then provides the labor and people power to install their new landscaping. This saves the homeowner money, while achieving a professionally designed look.

Container Creations:

If you find that you need something extra to give your garden a bit of “pop” allow Nelson Nursery to help you with our custom mixed container creations. We can provide a wide range of plants for mixed containers that will give your landscape a splash of color.

In addition to mixed containers, flowering window boxes are a specialty with us. We can help with proper soil mix, plant choices, planting, all the way thru finished product.

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